Welcome to Busted Finger Motorsports LLC
We are a family owned and operated small business in the heart of rural Southwest Virginia. Since 2011 we have been offering professional turbo rebuild services, as well as custom builds, porting & polishing and Cerakote high temp coatings. Everything we do is 100% in house, let our small family help you take your project to the next level. 

Please bear with me as I am updating the look to a more simple design, I will be adding details about our services for a more in depth look at what we can help you with. While that is still cooking, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or text message with any questions.

High temp coatings

We offer Cerakote High Temp Ceramic Coatings, these coatings can handle temps of 1800+ degree F. They are also a thermal barrier coating helping to keep hot or cold in where it belongs. 

Turbo Service

We can take in your broken OEM turbo and make it like new again, or if more power is on your mind we can upgrade or even do custom builds to fit your needs. Every turbo rebuild is done 100% in house using parts that meet & exceed manufacturers specifications.

Porting / polishing service

Want to squeeze the most HP and TQ out of your next build? Let us take your parts to the next level with some PnP services, we can port match and blend transitions for your incoming cold and hot air flow. Both Intake and Exhaust side, including cylinder heads, some exhaust manifolds and more.